Welcome speech, Preambles sessions, structures’ information,

itineraries and historical of institution or some corporations

Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry (METI) Chart, which shows the department in charge of Insurance

Japan Trade and Investment Organisation (JTIO)

-Carries out the business related to trade and investment insurance operations entrusted by NEXI,as well as services for policyholders.

Nippon Export and Investment insurance (NEXI)
-Incorporated Administrative Agency wholly owned by the government of Japan with the key of METI

1 - Trade and Investment insurance system
-Characteristics, roles and risks of trade and investment insurance
-Basic concept and terminology for trade and investment insurance
-Roles of the government
-International framework

2 - Commercial Risk management
-Purpose on commercial risk management
-Survey on overseas buyers
-Credit assessment

3 – Some typical insurances
-Short -term trade insurance
-Export Credit Insurance
-Medium and long Term trade Insurance
-Overseas Investment Insurance

4 – Claim and Recovery
-Claim assessment
-Recovery of claim
-Obligation of the insured
-Rescheduling of debt

5 - Country Risk Management
-Sources of country risk information
-Methods of country risk management

What is investment insurance
-Trade insurance is, in line with external transactions such as export, import, intermediary trade and overseas investment, to cover the loss which is not indemnified by ordinary insurance, that is to cover the risks namely so called political risk caused by wars, foreign currency transaction restrictions, etc. in the foreign concerned, and commercial risk due to the trade partner’s bankruptcy, etc.

How is the system in Madagascar
Generally, only marine insurance (cargo, hull, civil liability of the sea-, and land- carriers) and package insurance industrial and commercial multi risk, are covered by local insurance ;

Suggestions -1 :

To incite large locale insurance companies or commercial banks to widen activities to trade and investment insurance such as export, import, overseas investment and financing;

Suggestions -2- :

To Help private sectors’ operators (as warranty) or ECAs (Extern Credit Insurance) to join international trade and investment insurance, (specially NEXI for trade with Japan)

-SUMITOMO corporation
-SHIMADZU Corporation

- Imperial residence’s Outside,
- Historical places in Kyoto,
-Temples, …
-Zoo (Tokyo).
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